FRED McGAVRAN IS a graduate of Kenyon College and Harvard Law School, and served as an officer in the US Navy in Vietnam. After retiring from law in June 2010, he was ordained a deacon in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, where he serves as Assistant Chaplain with Episcopal Retirement Services. The Ohio Arts Council awarded him an Individual Achievement Award for The Reincarnation of Horlach Spenser, a story that appeared in Harvard Review. Black Lawrence Press published The Butterfly Collector, his award winning collection of short stories, and Glass Lyre Press published Recycled Glass and Other Stories, his second collection, in April 2017.

Recycled Glass and other Stories

“A collection of finely crafted, deeply imagined shorts from a prize-winning master, Fred McGavran’s latest is his best yet. Drawing on a life of experience as a top lawyer, his calling as an Episcopal deacon, and his service as a Vietnam War vet, these compelling narratives veer from fable to genre-bending country-club-horror-comedy. McGavran surveys the human condition—whether a financial advisor atop an office tower in Middle America or a tennis player nose-to-nose with water buffalo on the Ganges—with an eye for the absurd and an ear for the arresting phrase.”

The Butterfly Collector