Hear Roberta Schultz’s review of Recycled Glass and Other Stories on WVXU Cincinnati on November 26, 2017. Hear the review here.

Englewood Review of Books review of Recycled Glass and Other Stories

“McGavran’s are stories of obsession and experience. They are the stories of characters who are nearing death and who are thinking about what they will leave behind. They are deeply human, and entirely serious, with a touch of humor and a little bit of magic to light the way. Because even as each of McGavran’s characters struggle to leave behind a possession or an experience or a burden, they look forward to the freedom and the new life they are certain lies ahead.” Anna Kasik, Englewood Review. Read the review here.

Neon Books Review of Recycled Glass and Other Stories

Recycled Glass isn’t a bad title for Fred McGavran’s second short story collection. The eleven tales contained within are brightly-coloured and angular, and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some are smooth to the touch and translucent… while others are more opaque or sharp around the edges. Generally speaking, though, each little nugget of glass represents a witty, slightly strange, sometimes melancholy voyage into the unknown and the unpredictable.” Read the review here.

World Literature Today review of The Butterfly Collector

“The humor is understated and often wicked. There is not a single story without it, and McGavran’s fiction is infused with a sort of subdued laughter that bubbles up, no matter how outlandish or implausible the plot.” William Pratt, Professor of English Emeritus, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

The Short Review review of The Butterfly Collector

“McGavran’s debut collection proves him to be an accomplished storyteller. I will go so far as to say he is a master “getter-inside-of-characters’ psyches”; whether this comes from his innate sense of story, his training in creative writing, or his legal practice, I could not say, but most of the stories have a natural ease about them, and an insightful understanding of what makes people tick. James Murray-White

Bonzer! review of The Butterfly Collector

The Butterfly Collector is a collection of fifteen short stories, ranging from wacky to pedestrian to weird, clustered behind a scintillating cover of butterflies, all colors, sizes and shapes. What’s inside?  A writing style both lyrical and bloody shocking. An imagination which flutters from kinky to surreal to mundane. A wry, unsettling view of how much evil even the most benign of characters can stir up. Gloria MacKay.


The Short Review Interview

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