Thank you for stopping by. This website is devoted to Fred McGavran’s fiction. Books & Stories provides a taste of his work, while Reviews and Awards show the critical praise and awards his stories have earned. His stories have appeared in Rosebud, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Harvard Review, Spank the Carp, Storgy Magazine, and The London Journal of Fiction.

Recycled Glass and other Stories

“A collection of finely crafted, deeply imagined shorts from a prize-winning master, Fred McGavran’s latest are his best yet. Drawing on a life of experience as top lawyer, on his calling as Episcopal deacon, and on his service as Vietnam War vet, these compelling narratives veer from fable to genre-bending country-club-horror-comedy. McGavran surveys the human condition–whether a financial advisor atop an office tower in Middle America or a tennis player nose-to-nose with water buffalo on the Ganges- -with an eye for the absurd and an ear for the arresting phrase. Like Dickens or George Eliot, his writings pose moral questions that haunt the reader long after the last page is turned. Recommended for fans of John Grisham, Chekhov…and Job.”

– Michael H. Hoffheimer, Professor of Law and Jamie L. Whitten Chair of Law and Government University of Mississippi School of Law

The Butterfly Collector

“‘The link between butterflies and dreams is poorly understood.’ So begins the title story of this wry and witty collection, narrated by a henpecked husband who, it turns out, has Alzheimer’s disease. So the reader has doubts, even as the story begins. It is not just unusual; it is bizarre for the narrator to be the victim of a mental condition he can’t control. But his condition isn’t pitiable; it is comical.”
– Bill Pratt, Miami University, World Literature Today

“Sometimes lawyers really can write…Few, however, transform themselves from writers of the arcane, unadorned language of the law into authors of fiction that both frightens and stirs as well as Fred McGavran’s The Butterfly Collector.”
– JoAnn Baca, The Federal Lawyer, May 2011

“McGavran’s debut collection proves him to be an accomplished storyteller. I will go so far as to say he is a master “getter-inside-of-characters’ psyches;” whether this comes from his innate sense of story, his training in creative writing, or his legal practice, I could not say, but most of the stories have a natural ease about them, and an insightful understanding of what makes people tick.” – James Murray-White, The Short Review